I'm Vincent Messina, a student studying Computer Engineering. Most of my work revolves around microcontrollers, FPGAs, and other hardware components that we don't quite see, but we use in our everyday lives. My goal is to simply see the gadgets and machines we make come to life, whether to keep people safe on the roads or to entertain us in our downtime. Building, programming, and testing technology is the mission. Watching it work is the reward.

I got my first degree in Florida, where I was just starting to get into the programming field. I went for an Associates in Science, with the intention of working on Video Game AI. As I got through those courses, I decided that the game industry was not what I wanted, and moved to the ECE field. However my initial education gave me some good experience using 3D modelling programs such as Maya and Inventor.

In 2015, after working 3 years as an Anti-Malware technician, I decided to move across the Country to Washington and pursue a Computer Engineering degree at DigiPen Institute of Technology because of their ABET accredidation. I am still currently attending, and have greatly expanded my knowledge and expertise. While attending I also work as the ECE lab assistant, where I help maintain the equipment for our lab and DigiPen's ECE courses. I've been able to be personally involved in research projects, which range from bare metal programming of chips, to implementing robots in ROS and complete in-house fabrication of parts. Everything from printing and milling the circuit boards, to populating and programming the robotics they go in to, I've been able to do it all.

In the future I'd love to work more in-depth with robotics and mechatronics. Of all the experience I've gotten here, I've enjoyed creating the control and logic systems for the various robots, whether for simple obstacle avoidance, to a biomimicry based gas detecting robot based on the human nose. Creating more functional solutions that we see work in the real world is what I strive to do.